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The Starkey Evolv RIC (Receiver-In-Canal) rechargeable hearing aids represent a cutting-edge range of advanced hearing solutions. These devices offer exceptional sound quality, discreet design, and the convenience of rechargeability. With the Starkey Evolv hearing aids, you can enjoy a rich auditory experience while effortlessly maintaining your hearing aids' power. These hearing aids are designed to fit seamlessly into your daily life, providing clear and comfortable sound in a variety of listening environments. They are a testament to Starkey's commitment to innovation in the field of hearing technology. What sets them apart is their remarkable ability to perform up to 55 million calculations an hour, utilizing the latest AI technology to learn and adapt to their listening environment, ensuring your hearing experience is as personalized and precise as possible. Additionally, these hearing aids come equipped with a lost hearing aid system, providing added peace of mind for those rare moments when your hearing aids go missing. These innovative features enhance your overall quality of life and the practicality of your hearing aids.

Starkey Evolv 1000, 1200, 1600, 2000 and 2400 Rechargeable Hearing aid

SKU: 364215376135191
  • Starkey Evolv Hearing Aid Range:

    Starkey Evolv 1000:

    • A trusted, basic hearing aid designed for your everyday needs.
    • Enjoy watching TV, engage in one-to-one conversations, and attend GP appointments with clarity and comfort.
    • An ideal starting point for essential hearing assistance.

    Starkey Evolv 1200:

    • A step up from the 1000 model, offering enhanced hearing capabilities.
    • This model is your trusted companion for a variety of situations, including family gatherings around the dining table, one-on-one conversations, GP appointments, and more.
    • Features basic noise reduction to improve your listening experience.
    • Enjoy clearer conversations in a variety of social settings with confidence and ease.

    Starkey Evolv 1600:

    • The beginning of our advanced line of hearing aids, designed with a broader dynamic range.
    • Based on more advanced technology, this model elevates your hearing experience to a new level.
    • It excels in a variety of environments, including family gatherings, outdoor activities, places of worship, shopping, and more.
    • Offers enhanced noise reduction and clarity for improved hearing, especially in challenging acoustic settings.

    Starkey Evolv 2000:

    • Positioned as the mid-range model in our advanced hearing aid line, offering a balance of advanced features and affordability.
    • Tailored for work-related settings, where clear communication is crucial, as well as for lively social gatherings.
    • Enhances your hearing experience in various situations, ensuring you stay connected in both professional and social scenarios.
    • An excellent choice for individuals seeking top-tier performance and versatility in their hearing aids.

    Starkey Evolv 2400:

    • The pinnacle of our advanced hearing aid range, offering top-tier performance and innovation.
    • Engineered to excel in the most challenging acoustic environments, including noisy stadiums, lively wedding parties, bustling restaurants, and even during car rides with a dedicated car mode.
    • Includes all the features of the lower-numbered models while also providing a fully automated experience, ensuring the utmost ease and convenience for a wide range of hearing needs in demanding settings.
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