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Ear Wax Removal £50 both ears

Call today on (01792) 963066

For Professional Micro-suction Earwax removal Gorseinon Swansea

Otoscopy, Ear check, ear wax removal, earwax removal, Draig Hearing Gorseinon Swansea

Ear Wax Removal

We remove wax using Micro-suction, widely regarded as the safest way to remove wax

We charge £50 for both ears making us one of the cheapest in Swansea

We are situated Just off junction 47 on the M4 so Call today Tel: (01792) 963066

Before attending...

Although not essential is is advised that you use a wax softening product in your ears before attending your appointment.

We advise using olive oil based sprays like Earol which will soften the wax to right consistency for removal

Ear wax, Gorseinon Swansea

Do I have a blocked ear?

Sudden hearing loss if often a sign of ear wax. 

A full ear inspection is conducted to assess the condition of the ear before proceeding.   

An Ear wax inspection is free and we will only charge if the wax has to be removed


Video otoscopy allows us to get a very clear view of your eardrum and ear canal and provides us with an excellent visual aid to help you understand your hearing issue.

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